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Get to Know Alto Auténtico, our Latinx ERG


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place from September 15 - October 15 every year, Alto is highlighting the important work of Alto Auténtico, our Latinx employee resource group (ERG)*. Below, Robert Barahona, Provider Success Specialist and co-leader of Alto Auténtico, shares more about the group’s origins, current initiatives, and plans for the future.

Why Alto Auténtico?

Robert: “Auténtico” means authentic in Spanish, and authenticity is central to the ERG’s mission. The group was created to ensure that Alto’s Latinx team members have a presence and a voice within our company culture, and that they are supported in their professional development with meaningful opportunities to grow at Alto.  

What has Alto Auténtico been up to? 

Robert: Our focus is both internal and external. In addition to developing a Latinx community at Alto, we also shape Alto’s product and services so that we’re better serving our Latinx users (more about that later). Much of that work involves building awareness of Latinx history and cultural contributions, as well as bringing attention to negative stereotypes that we want to dismantle.

We use holidays and events like Day of the Dead (November 1st and 2nd) and Cesar Chavez’ birthday (March 31) to share educational resources with our team members. On Cinco de Mayo, we hosted a Zoom happy hour and a taco lunch for all our pharmacies.

For last year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we invited Dr. Robert Rodriguez, the president of diversity consulting firm DRR Advisors and a thought leader in Latinx talent management, to speak at Alto. He shared about his own journey of repressing his background to assimilate in the workplace to fully embracing his heritage and empowering other Latinx employees to be their authentic selves.

How are we celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year?

Robert: We’re focusing on celebrating Latinx intersectionality. It’s important to recognize the diversity within Latinx culture and the important perspectives of Latinx women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those of mixed heritage, including our Black and Asian members who also identify as Hispanic or Latinx. Every week during Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re educating the full Alto team about a specific group within the broader Latinx community, with resources for additional learning.

What can team members look forward to from Alto Auténtico in the future? 

Robert: We’re really excited to continue to help shape Alto’s services and resources for customers, making our offerings as inclusive as possible. We’re currently working with the operations, product, and marketing teams to establish a bilingual team to support Spanish-speaking individuals using our pharmacy delivery services across all of our communities. 

We’re also launching a mentorship program in which Alto’s junior Latinx team members will be paired with senior Latinx team members for coaching sessions. This is another important step in continuing to invest in our Latinx team members’ professional development.

How can allies recognize Hispanic Heritage Month?

Robert: Great question! I think learning is key. Simply taking the time to educate yourself about the Hispanic and/or Latinx experience — particularly about our diversity as a group — goes a long way toward building trust, which is key to true allyship.

Join the Alto Team

Interested in learning more about the Alto Auténtico employee resource group? Reach out to and visit to learn more about our open roles. 

*ERGs are meant to empower community groups within an organization by directly linking decision makers and implementing policies that support the group’s specific needs. The groups often center around a shared identity or experience and focus on building community, providing support, and contributing to its members’ personal and professional well-being. By creating an open forum for employees to come together, discuss challenges and opportunities, and foster a sense of belonging, ERGs help both individuals and organizations thrive.