How our pharmacies
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To modernize the pharmacy, we had to flip the whole script. Chain pharmacies have tons of locations, each with a small staff. We do the opposite: we build one pharmacy in each region and fill it with enough people to help everyone who lives there. That’s how we can always pair you with a support team that has expertise on your medication, doctor, and insurance plan.

The heart of Alto: Our pharmacy platform.

It continuously updates with queued, in-progress, and delivered prescriptions. Engineers work side-by-side with pharmacists, evolving it every day.

Meet Hazel, our fastest pair of hands.

Hazel stocks our 188 most common medications, dispensing them automatically for a pharmacist to verify.

Meet Henry, who makes managing meds easy.

Henry packages medicines by when they need to be taken (like Tuesday lunchtime) into helpful little packets.

Making a real difference in the lives of real people.

Our patients are four times more likely to recommend Alto than a big chain pharmacy.

More patients actually get their prescriptions: over 80% at Alto, versus 60% nationwide average.

We cover the reach of 400 pharmacies with a single one of our pharmacies.

Amil Patel, Head of Pharmacy

"People become pharmacists because they want to help, and at Alto, they’re actually empowered to. We build things from the ground up to give our patients the best experience possible."

Amil Patel, Head of Pharmacy

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