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Extraordinary care for everyday life.

Woke up with a sore throat? Have an upset stomach? We hand-deliver the medication you need, so you can get on your way to feeling better as soon as possible.

We’re specialists in medication for:


Seasonal changes bring itchy noses and watery eyes. Let Alto’s team of same-day couriers bring you quick relief (we stock EpiPens, too!).

Cold and flu

The best remedy for a cold or a flu is staying in bed. That’s why we deliver more than 60 different cold and flu medications, straight to your door when you need it.

Cuts, scrapes and rashes

Life can be rough, but Alto’s full-service pharmacies carry both over-the-counter and prescription remedies to help smooth things over.


A bad migraine can bring things to a standstill in your day. Feel better faster, with Alto’s same-day free delivery.

Infections and antibiotics

Step one: get the right diagnosis from your doctor. Step two: skip the trip to the pharmacy and have Alto bring your meds directly to you.

Ask your pharmacist, not the Internet.

When you have questions about side effects, or are worried about missing a dose, or not sure if you’re administering it correctly — we’re here to lend a hand.

My medicine doesn’t seem to be working.

This acne medicine is upsetting my stomach.

Is it okay to drink with these pills?

I have a headache, can I take Advil?

Free hand-delivery to your door.

With Alto, you won’t have to fight the lines at the pharmacy. Our couriers hand-deliver your medication to your door, whenever and wherever you need it.


How does Alto work?

Ask your doctor to send your prescription directly to Alto or ask us to transfer refills from your old pharmacy. We’ll look for any savings, including coupons and assistance programs, and reach out when it’s time to schedule your free delivery.

Do you carry my medication?

Yes. As a full-service pharmacy, Alto can fill all medications, including specialty, over-the-counter, brand, and generic. Alto’s pharmacists have deep expertise in many clinical areas, including dermatology, specialty, fertility, HIV/PrEP/HRT, psychiatry, and more.

Will I be covered by my insurance?

Yes. We accept all major insurance plans, including government-administered plans, and always work to get you the lowest price.