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Our provider tools help us collaborate to give your patients better care. Our tools are free for you and our pharmacy is priced just like any other pharmacy, if not better.

How To Work With Us

Send us your patients' prescriptions

Sending prescriptions to Alto works just like you’re used to. We’ll reach out to your patients to schedule delivery upon receiving.

E-SCRIPT: Alto Pharmacy
Fax: 1 (415) 484-7058
Phone: 1 (800) 874-5881

1400 Tennessee, Unit 2, San Francisco, CA 94107
NPI: 1497848832
Email: providers@alto.com

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We offer a host of tools to make your life easier and advance healthcare. Our goal is to build infrastructure that enables providers to offer a frictionless pharmacy experience. Use our provider dashboard to get primary adherence reports, easier prior authorizations, and communication with our Patient Care team.

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Improve Primary Adherence

With your help and our technology, we can work together to improve primary adherence rates. We were told it was impossible to reach 70% primary adherence. Our primary adherence rate is 83%.

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Prescribe SmartPacks

We believe taking medication at the right times is important. SmartPacks are a convenient way to help manage medication timing and primary adherence. This is a free service that we encourage all patients to take advantage of.

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Promote Better Care

Our compassionate Patient Care team and pharmacists are available 7 days a week. We let your patients know what’s going on every step of the way to make sure they get their medications when they need them.

Meet the team

Alto is always willing to take the extra step to make sure patients are taken care of. [They want] to make sure patients receive their medications in a timely fashion without having to make it difficult for them. [...] It is great that clinicians can log into the dashboard and see what is happening with prescriptions in real time.

Patients are fighting cancer and are very sick and having to do multiple errands can be very draining. Alto will deliver the prescription to the patient when it is convenient for them.

- Director of Oncology, UCSF

What You’ll Love

Simple Prior Authorizations

If a prior authorization is required, we gather the information necessary and submit the forms for you.

Personal Dashboard

Our provider dashboard is set up just for you and your patients. Send us scripts, check primary adherence, or message us straight through your dashboard.

Smart Renewals

Our automated renewal process ensures that your patients will never get stuck without their medications.

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We're Here To Help

Custom Inventory

If you prescribe a rare medication, we will keep it in stock for you.

Coordinated Care

We work with you and insurance companies to ensure the best care.

Educational Materials

We educate patients about their medications through our platform, and proactively reach out to them every month.